The Charles Pankow Foundation was established to provide the AEC Industry with a better way to design and build. Established in 2002 by Charles Pankow, founder of Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd., a leading U.S. design-build constructor, the Foundation continues to advance his legacy of innovation. It was Charles Pankow's lifelong passion to lead and inspire new and better ways to build. He intended that this Foundation, drive market-driven innovations in the building industry.

The Charles Pankow Foundation (CPF) funds research, development and dissemination of new products and solutions that help the AEC Industry be more efficient and more cost competitive. The Foundation provides both resources and leadership to advance innovation in the design and construction of buildings.

The initial CPF research grant awards were made in 2006. Research grantees are typically U.S. universities and research institutes which are closely affiliated with professional practitioners of building design and construction. Through 2013 CPF has awarded 50 research grants with a total award value in excess of 8 million dollars. The CPF process for selecting projects and awarding grants, as well as the final products of all completed CPF grants, are found in this CPF website.

Charles Pankow Foundation is incorporated as a nonprofit, public benefit, charitable foundation with 501(c)(3) status and operates independently of the Pankow Companies.

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shallow hollow core floorTesting of the shallow hollow core floor system at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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