Mission and Vision Statement

Based on a thorough review of the Foundation's activities through 2012 by the Board of Directors, Advisory Council and Staff, in 2013 the CPF Board of Director's modified its Mission Statement and added a new Vision Statement that better reflects the end goals of the Foundation activities moving forward.

The Vision Statement, or the statement of the Objectives of the Foundation, is stated as follows:

"To Provide the AEC Industry with a Better Way to Design and Build"

The Mission Statement, or the statement of the Foundation's approach to achieve the Objectives defined in the Vision Statement, is stated as follows:

"To Be a Catalyst to Advance Innovation in the Design and Construction of Buildings"

  • Catalyst. The word "Catalyst" is used here to imply the Foundation's intent to bring both Leadership and Resources to the process of "Advancing Innovation".
  • Buildings.  Buildings will always be in the DNA of the Foundation. Any future project approved by the Foundation will have to prove to be a benefit to the design and construction of major buildings. Having said that, it is likely that the current research focus of the Foundation on larger, more impactful concepts may likely benefit the design and construction of all types of horizontal and vertical structures.

The CPF Vision and Mission Statements form the basis of the research topics selected by the Foundation and the means by which the research programs are executed.

The Charles Pankow Foundation will support and advance the professional ideals and beliefs espoused by Mr. Charles Pankow during his lifetime. These beliefs were centered on advancing the speed and efficiency of the commercial building industry through innovations in engineering and construction technology.

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shallow hollow core floorTesting of the shallow hollow core floor system at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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