About CPF Initiatives

In addition to its research grant program with universities, institutes and other organizations, the Charles Pankow Foundation sometimes identifies key issues in the AEC industry and takes a leadership role in assembling a broad industry coalition to address those issue.

To facilitate collaboration among the initiative participants, the Foundation has established a website where they can share information and communicate with other participants. The site provides discussion forums, group filing systems and communications tools for group members. If you would like to participate, we encourage you to visit the site and apply for membership.

Current CPF Initiatives

Design Management Guide v2.0


In 2011, CPF published the Design Management Guide v1.0 (DMGv1.0) in conjunction with the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA). DMGv1.0 was always intended to be a living document and CPF is leading an effort to identify chapters to be updated and additional information to be added. The goal is to publish DMGv2.0 by the fall of 2014 to coincide with the DBIA Fall Convention.

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)


The missing component to improve the usefulness of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the ability to seamlessly exchange files between software platforms. IFC has been developed and endorsed by a worldwide coalition as a neutral file format to address this issue. CPF has been a major participant in supporting BIM research and IFC implementation. CPF funded projects have led to the identification of inefficiencies in the certification/validation process that have impeded progress in IFC implementation. CPF is leading an effort to identify and develop solutions to the certification/validation process. (Not yet activated)

High Strength Steel Reinforcing Bar


The ACI 318 Code has not been globally updated for higher strength reinforcing bar since Grade 60 entered the code in the early 1970's. Modern steel mills are now able to produce suitable rebar products substantially in excess of Grade 60. CPF is leading an industry coalition to identify and execute the research and testing support program required to update applicable sections of the ACI 318 Code. (Not yet activated)

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Corrugated Sheet Steel Shear Wall testUniversity of California Berkeley and Tipping Mar Research Team displays Corrugated Sheet Steel Shear Wall load-testing for media open house.

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