Information for Grant Seekers

The first step for a prospective grantseeker is to develop and submit a Research Need Statement (RNS) that describes clearly and concisely the need for, the purpose of, and the users of the proposed research project. An RNS is not a proposal. Grantseekers should study closely the Foundation's Vision Statement and Mission Statement, Strategic Based Research Program, and RNS Guidelines (PDF). To qualify for an RFP, an RNS must align very well with the provisions of these three guideline documents. For example, it is essential that an "industry champion" (i.e., a professional building design and construction practitioner who attests to the need for and value of the proposed research) be a party to the RNS, and be committed to participating in the project. An RNS may be submitted at any time.

The Foundation awards research grants to non-profit entities that are qualified under IRS rules to receive charitable grants for scientific purposes. All products of CPF research grants must be made available in the public domain without restriction or cost. A project budget estimate is required at the RNS stage, but a detailed final budget will be requested if the project qualifies for a subsequent CPF Request for Proposal. Co-Funding is an important factor is considering a Research Need Statement.

Timeliness of completion will be an important factor in considering a Research Need Statement. The CPF Initiatives included in the Strategic Based Research Program are predicated upon achieving the goal articulated in the CPF Initiative in a timely manner. No Cost Time Extensions will only be granted in special cases and will be based on a thorough review of the progress being made on the research project.

Grantseekers are encouraged to contact the Executive Director by phone at any time to discuss the feasibility of a prospective Research Need Statement.

Funding Cycle - The Foundation will receive and consider RNS's at any time. Research grant awards are made upon approval of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Questions about the CPF research grant program may be addressed to:, phone 360-326-3767.

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