Mission, Purpose, Goals

The Charles Pankow Foundation awarded its first research grants in 2006. Summaries and details of all awarded CPF research grants can be seen at "View Grants and Research Products" All published final reports and research products can be seen at "View Grants and Research Products," under Research.

The Foundation's research program is driven by the VISION STATEMENT and MISSION STATEMENT of the Charles Pankow Foundation:

The Vision Statement, or the statement of the Objectives of the Foundation, is stated as follows:

"To Provide the AEC Industry with a Better Way
to Design and Build"

The Mission Statement, or the statement of the Foundation's approach to achieve the Objectives defined in the Vision Statement, is stated as follows:

"To Be a Catalyst to Advance Innovation in the 
Design and Construction of Buildings"

We fund research that advances new knowledge from the Red Zone to the End Zone, where the End Zone is visualized as a building design and construction team scoring by utilizing a CPF research product.

C F P Supports...

shallow hollow core floorTesting of the shallow hollow core floor system at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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