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The Charles Pankow Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation has recently executed a new Research Grant Agreement with the University of Kansas.

Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams with High-Strength Steel Bars

Reinforced concrete coupling beams, often used with special structural walls, have a large deformation capacity if detailed in accordance with ACI 318-14. These beams are typically difficult to construct due to congestion of the reinforcement, which can limit their design strength. Verification of the performance of coupling beams with HSS used as diagonal, longitudinal, and transverse reinforcement could allow for greater nominal shear and flexural strengths for given beam dimensions.

The Applied Technology Council, under project number ATC 115 (Roadmap for the Use of High- Strength Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Design, 2014) funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation, charged a committee of leading contractors, designers, and academics with identifying pressing research needs related to the use of HSS in reinforced concrete construction. Chapter 4 of the Roadmap outlines the experimental research needed to adequately investigate the use of HSS reinforcement for use in general concrete design. In particular, ATC 115 Section 4.9.10 identifies the need for study of reinforced concrete coupling beams subjected to large displacement reversals. In addition, Chapter 5 of the Roadmap gives a high priority level to the objective of modifying ACI 318 to allow the use of ASTM A706 Grade 80 reinforcement in special seismic systems. The proposed study will provide test data for concrete coupling beams reinforced with Grade 80 and compare them with coupling beams reinforced with other Grades, including Grade 60 and 100.

The Charles Pankow Foundation wishes to acknowledge its funding partners for this research project: The ACI Foundation – Strategic Development Council
and the CRSI Foundation

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