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Announcing a New Research Grant with the University of Washington Center for Education and Research in Construction

The Charles Pankow Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation has recently executed a new Research Grant Agreement with the University of Washington.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Practitioners Guide

The Charles Pankow Foundation is sponsoring the development of an IPD Practitioners Guide. Much has been written about IPD and its associated benefits. However, essentially all available material on IPD is of a theoretical or research nature. Parties who are interested in not just learning about IPD but in actually doing it are hard pressed to find actionable information. “What have been proven to be effective tools and processes? When do we employ them? How do we best organize our team for success?” Questions like these (and many others!) emerge on every IPD project, and to date are answered in an on-the-job fashion, through those experienced in the model from past projects, or through consultants. There is no practical guide to help teams navigate an IPD project.

Industry will benefit significantly from a comprehensive “how-to” resource about IPD to address exactly the kinds of questions described above. This is not a sales or theory piece. Somebody’s decided to do IPD; this is where they go to ask “now what?” and get definitive answers as to how to proceed. Users of the Guide will include industry stakeholders from every industry sector, with a special emphasis on owners.

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