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CPF Research Project RGA#05-16 will be presented at Greenbuild 2016 on Friday October 7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

G05 – The Future of Designing with Water: A Practice Guide to Onsite Water Reuse

Friday, October 7 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Water is a finite resource. And yet almost all architects and engineers fail to consider water reuse in the design, construction and operations of our buildings and neighborhoods. This session will provide the AEC Industry and the Real Estate Community an overview of the new “Design Practitioner’s Guide to Integrating Water Reuse into the Building Design Process.” The Guide is an objective, comprehensive and credible cross-industry practice manual with supporting infographics that will clearly explain, in non-technical language, emerging systems technologies, implementation approaches/concerns, easy-to-reference case studies, and outreach/education program ideas for water reuse. This discussion will also include a short summary of WaterBuild, the 2016 Greenbuild Expo preconference all-day Forum In covering the Guide’s contents, this session will enable participants to better understand the benefits of conserving potable water resources from the building project to district scales; barriers and opportunities and the connection between water use and energy. We will review how to create a water budget; and how to select and operate water reuse systems, as well as some of their pros and cons. This session will focus on strategies project leaders can adopt to better support the case for building water reuse, especially when it comes to eliminating the “yuck” factor. Panelists will offer a ‘sneak peak’ of the Guide and use case studies to demonstrate the elements of effective design and communication strategies to achieve the desired outcome, and engage participants to share their war stories in the world of water reuse.

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