BIM Contractual, Legal and Insurance Framework

CPF recognized early on that Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers an invaluable platform for industry collaboration and improved design and construction. Through its grantmaking, CPF continues to make this powerful tool more accessible and useful.

BIM Contractual, Legal, and Insurance Framework
In the near future, project teams will be designing, collaborating and building from a single, shared, cloud-based BIM. But how will contractual liability, copyrights and insurability evolve to support this new way of working?
Resolving such issues through trial and error means the courts could end up determining how the standard of care will be defined. CPF is leading the research, collaboration and thought-leadership to define solutions, including new insurance processes and model contracts that balance the needs of all stakeholders.

BIM for Masonry
Charles Pankow Foundation is a longtime strategic partner, along with more than thirty other co-sponsors, of a major initiative called Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M) to make masonry easier to design and construct through BIM.
One of BIM-M’s end products, Masonry iQ (an Autodesk® Revit® plugin) was launched in 2017. Before Masonry iQ, designers and contractors had few digital tools to incorporate masonry into their BIM model. Now, with the tool and an extensive educational program, masonry layout and field workmanship is improved.