Announcing 3 New Research Grants in Support of the High Strength Steel Rebar Research Program

In 2013, the Charles Pankow Foundation launched the research project entitled Roadmap for the Use of High-Strength Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Design. This project (RGA #05-13) has been given the working title of the ATC 115 Project. The ATC 115 Project will be completed by and presented at the ACI Fall Convention beginning on October 25th. In developing the ATC 115 Roadmap Project, it became clear that before any large-scale structural testing related to high strength reinforcing bar can occur, it is necessary to first establish the key tensile material properties of high strength reinforcing bar in excess of Grade 60. The following grants have been initiated by the Foundation for the purpose of determining these key tensile properties by rigorous laboratory testing.

Development of Tentative Specification for High-Strength Steel Reinforcing Bar 

Research Grant Agreement #03-14, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE)

Conrad Paulson, Principal Investigator

Performance Characterization of Beams with High-Strength Reinforcement

Research Grant Agreement #04-14, University of California at Berkeley

Jack P. Moehle, Principal Investigator

Defining Structurally Acceptable Properties of High-Strength Steel Bars through Material and Column Testing

Research Grant Agreement #05-14, University of Texas at Austin

Wassim M. Ghannoum, Principal Investigator