Announcing a New Research Grant at Purdue University

The Charles Pankow Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation has recently executed a new Research Grant Agreement with Purdue University for research as further described below.

  • Research Grant Agreement #06-16

  • Purdue University

  • Principal Investigator - Amit Varma, Professor

    The Charles Pankow Foundation wishes to acknowledge its funding partner on this research project - The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

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Seismic and Wind Behavior and Design of Coupled CF-CPSW Core Walls for Steel Buildings

There is increasing interest in the use of coupled Concrete-Filled Composite Plate Shear Walls (CF-CPSW) core wall structures for the design of high-rise steel buildings, particularly to optimize their design for wind or seismic load combinations. AEC firms will be able to optimize the design of high-rise buildings in high wind or seismic zones using these coupled CF-CPSW core wall structures. They will be able to address the challenges associated with conventional concrete core wall structures by finding a solution in steel-concrete composite structures. Coupled CF-CPSW core wall structures leverage steel pre-fabrication in the shop, and stay-in-place formwork to reduce the time spent at the site and thus improve the construction schedule. The proposed project will generate experimental data, numerical models, and lead to the development of design guidelines that will empower engineers to consider coupled CF-CPSW core wall structures to optimize the design and construction schedule of high-rise buildings, thus bringing economic opportunities to the AEC industry.