Announcing a New Research Grant for Measuring Construction Schedule Compliance

Announcing a New Research Grant at Catholic University

The Charles Pankow Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation has recently executed a new Research Grant Agreement with Catholic University of America for research as further described below.

Research Grant Agreement #07-16

  • Catholic University of America

  • Principal Investigator - Gunnar Lucko, Professor

    The Charles Pankow Foundation wishes to acknowledge its funding partner on this research project - The Construction Industry Institute (CII)

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Construction Industry Validation of Schedule Performance Measure

The purpose and expected outcome of the funding that this research proposal is to create an industry-wide standard to measure the schedule performance of construction contractors on an ongoing basis that functions not merely a posteriori, but a priori - not only be reflective, but predictive, and be applicable to any project and at any level of detail. If successful, it will enhance the transparency of project productivity and enable the identification of any underperforming activities, projects, or firms.