Continuous Stirrups for Shear and Torsion Reinforcement in Beams

Research purpose

Recent advancements in automatic steel bar bending machines allow fabrication of “continuous stirrups”. This stirrup type is viewed to be more efficient than standard stirrups. The closed nature of continuous stirrups can enhance strength and ductility of the members, and overall structural performance. This research project will evaluate behavior and capacity of continuous stirrups as shear and torsion reinforcement as well as confinement steel, and will formulate design and detailing provisions for continuous stirrups. In close collaboration with the industry advisory committee, the research team will develop Code provisions for adoption in ACI 318. The proposed continuous stirrup system will benefit engineers in the cast-in-place and precast industries, and can be employed in building and bridge construction. Fabrication, jobsite productivity, and accuracy of stirrup placement during construction will all be enhanced. These benefits will result in potential cost reductions and a larger market share for concrete structures.

University of Cincinnati
Project Area
Structural Engineering
CPF research grant #
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Grant period
Sep 2011 - Jun 2014
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Principal Investigator
Professor Bahram Shahrooz
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CRSI (Neal Anderson)

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Continuous Transverse Reinforcement –
Behavior and Performance

Bahram M. Shahrooz, PhD, PE, FACI; Herbert L. Bill, PhD, PE, PS; Melody L. Miller; Alyssa M. Doellman