Development of Strategic Plan for IFCs for Structural Concrete Components

Research purpose

ACI Foundation will develop a strategic plan for the development of Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) for Structural Concrete Components, to foster interoperability between disparate Building Information Modeling (BIM) software platforms. This is the initial step in the creation of an extensive suite of interoperable attributes for the IFC exchanges of structural concrete components. The Plan will synthesize the state of the art of IFC interoperability and prioritize the attribute exchanges that will best benefit the industry. The research will be conducted under the direction of the Applied Technology Council (ATC). The products will describe the findings of the feasibility study on encouraging utilization by the design and construction community.

ACI Foundation
Project Area
Structural Engineering
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Nov 2009 - Dec 2010
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Douglas J. Sordyl and Edwin Dean
Industry champions

ACI; ATC, and Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (Mr. Bob Risser)

CPF allies

American Concrete Institute (ACI), Applied Technology Council (ATC)