Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Low Carbon Construction

Research purpose

This project provides guidance to industry professionals looking to integrate carbon into life cycle based decision making through the creation of an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) practice guide and establishment of embodied carbon benchmarks of buildings.

This practice guide will focus on aiding carbon reduction in the building construction sector (both new construction and renovation) through the use of whole building LCA. The guide will integrate concurrent work developed by others into one common practice guide document.

The University of Washington
Project Area
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Jul 2016 - Jan 2018
Grant Status
In Progress
Principal Investigator
Industry champions

Don Davies, Magnusson Klemencic Associates
Stacy Smedly, Skanska
Jordan Palmeri, Oregon DEQ
Dirk Kestner, Walter P Moore

Research deliverables

Interim Report 1
Benchmark Report
Interim Report 2
Final Draft of LCA best practice guide
Final Report (Publication)


CLF Embodied Carbon Benchmark Research 17.01.31 (04-16)
Simonen, K.
Rodriguez, B.
Barrera, S.
Huang, M.

CLF Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study; LCA for Low Carbon Construction Part One (04-16)
Simonen, K.
Rodriguez, B.
Barrera, S.
Huang, M.
McDade, E.
Strain, L.

Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings: A Practice Guide (04-16)
Kathrina Simonen
Monica Huang
Barbara X. Rodriguez
Lindsay Todaro