Owner’s Guide to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Research purpose

Owner organizations play a vital role in the effectiveness of a building project team by defining their needs early and by understanding how the project team will author and employ the building information throughout the planning, design, construction, and turnover work. From initial research it has been found that very few owners define their actual needs, nor realize how this information can be leveraged in their management systems. To maximize operational efficiency in the utilization of BIM, an organization must develop an understanding of the operating systems within their organization, and how BIM can add value to their day-to-day activities. The goal of this research project is to develop and broadly disseminate a Guide for Owners that will provide a structured procedure for planning and implementing BIM within their organization.

Pennsylvania State University
Project Area
Building Information Models
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Jan 2011 - Jun 2013
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Professor John Messner
Industry champions

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Steve Hutsell); buildingSMART alliance (Deke Smith)

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BIM Planning Guide for Facility Owners
John Messner, Ph.D.


The Uses of BIM
Ralph G. Kreider and John I. Messner