Owner’s Guide to Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects

Research purpose

The project will produce an empirical guide to successful owner practices regarding roles, team integration, team behavior, delivery method, and project performance in the building design and construction industry. The research will develop a project delivery performance database that will support a variety of near-term and long-term products. The database will be the engine that informs a series of project deliverables to include owner’s manuals, written for various industry sectors and experience levels, which offer how-to guidance for setting up and participating in a successful project. The primary benefit to the construction industry is to provide a repeatable process for making highly effective, key project decisions. The researchers will work with the industry champions to ensure that the research products are relevant and contain concise, fact-based information for owner decision-making. The team will proactively disseminate these products through industry and academic channels for a wide and lasting benefit.

University of Colorado/Penn State University
Project Area
Project Delivery
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Jun 2012 - Jan 2015
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Keith Molenaar, John Messner, Robert Leicht
Industry champions

Greg Gidez – Hansel Phelps
Mark Konchar – Balfour Beatty

CPF allies

Construction Industry Institute (CII)

Research deliverables

1. 1st Interim Draft
2. 2nd Interim Draft
3. Draft Final Report
4. Final Report


The Guide and the workshop forms, which are freely available can be downloaded by following this link.

Examining the Role of Integration in the Success of Building Construction Projects (02-12)

Dr. Keith Molenaar
Dr. John Messner
Dr. Robert Leicht
Dr. Bryan Franz
Dr. Behzad Esmaeili

Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects: An Owner’s Guide v1.0 (02-12)

Robert M. Leicht, Ph.D.
Keith R. Molenaar, Ph.D.
John I. Messner, Ph.D.
Bryan W. Franz, Ph.D.
Behzad Esmaelli, Ph.D.