Post-Tensioned Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls for Seismic Resistance

Research purpose

The purpose of the research project is to attain test data to confirm and codify a design protocol for a new type of cast-in-place concrete shear wall system that incorporates vertical post-tensioned tendons. The primary research product will be a complete Design Guide ready to be employed on actual commercial building construction projects in all seismic zones. The defining feature of the hybrid wall system is the rocking/flexural response and self-centering capability provided by un-bonded vertical post-tensioned tendons coupled with the energy dissipation provided by the reinforcing bars. The new system has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of building seismically safe concrete structures using currently available construction methods and materials. Structural engineers will employ the final work product to design buildings for the ultimate benefit of the general public.

Lehigh University
Project Area
Structural Engineering
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Dec 2010 - Jan 2013
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Professors Steve Pessiki & Richard Sause
Industry champions

Steven Tipping, Principal, Tipping Mar + Associates, Berkeley, CA