Precast Concrete Cladding Subsystems – Detailing for Regions of High Seismicity

Research purpose

To understand experimentally the effects of dynamic loading on precast concrete cladding façade systems, allowing a newly realistic assessment of the performance of the concrete cladding, its steel connections, and punch-out windows. A full-scale 5-story concrete frame building will be tested with seismic loading on the NEES@UCSD outdoor shake table. The building will be equipped with cladding details associated with current practice, as well as develop new innovative details designed to minimize damage. These unique full-scale tests will result in performance data of both existing and newly developed cladding subsystems, under realistic dynamic loading environments that the panel assemblies must endure in the field.

University of California, San Diego
Project Area
Structural Engineering
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Sep 2011 - Aug 2013
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Tara Hutchison, UCSD & Kurt McMullin, SJSU
Industry champions

PCI R&D Committee (Roger Becker, Mark Hildebrand, Ed Knowles)

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