Static Testing Phase, Frame Braced Concrete Buildings in High Seismic Zones

Research purpose

The goal of the project that this study is part of was to advance current Rational Seismic Design (RSD) procedures for concrete frame-braced buildings located in regions of high seismicity, by developing alternative structural systems that will meet or exceed the performance objectives of currently prescribed systems, yet reduce construction costs. This grant supported a static testing phase necessary to develop and evaluate the efficacy and cost of several alternative frame solutions. The study was designed to serve as a base from which extensive shake table testing of large-scale frame systems can be developed.

University of California, San Diego
Project Area
Structural Engineering
CPF research grant #
Award amount
Grant period
Oct 2006 - Sep 2008
Grant Status
Principal Investigator
Professor Tara Hutchinson
Industry champions

Robert E. Englekirk