We challenge the design and construction industry to JOIN IN with like-minded champions to transform the way we all design and build.

We offer the platform and leadership to facilitate collaboration, and fund current initiatives from Charles Pankow’s generous original endowment, combined with funding and resources from our industry partners. JOIN IN to help grow our reach and impact.



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Our work is accomplished through the generous involvement of a wide swath of the design and construction industry. In-kind contributions come in many forms: from participation on expert panels through construction of large-scale field and laboratory tests. Participate now to develop better ways to design and build.



Transform the way our world is designed and built.

Making positive impacts may be easier than you think.  Brainstorm problems you face every day and identify sticking points that cause inefficiencies. Then imagine new ways of doing things. JOIN IN with like-minded people to turn your ideas into industry transformation.



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Catholic University of America
Georgia Tech University
Lehigh University
Northeastern University
Oregon State University
Penn State University
Purdue University
San Diego State University
San Jose State University

Stanford University
University of Arizona
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Diego
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado
University of Florida


University of Illinois
University of Kansas
University of Michigan
University of Nebraska
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin


Our most sincere thanks goes out to the many people who have worked with and supported the Charles Pankow Foundation on innovative initiatives that improve the way we design and build. You are the future of our industry and its true heros.

David Alexander
Farid Alfawakhiri
Nea Anderson
Scott Anderson
Pedro Astudillo-Leos
Dan Baker
Steve Baldridge
Peter Beck
Glenn Bell
Robert Berhinig
Harvey Bernstein
David Biggs
Allen Bommer
Mark Bowman
Michel Bruneau
Joseph Burns
Peter Carrato
Charlie Carter
Xingzhong Chen
Paul Chinowsky
Rob Chmielowski
Lisa Choe
Kay Compton
James D’Aloisio
David Darwin
Don Davies
Edwin Dean
Gregory Deierlein
Dave Dieter
Chuck Eastman
Jeff Elder
Bruce Ellingwood
Anne Ellis
Robert Englekirk
David Fields
Robert Fleischman
Bryan Franz
Robert Frosch
John Gambatese
Russell Gentry Wassim Ghannoum
S.K. Ghosh
Greg Gidez
Ramon Gilsanz
Rebekah Gladson
Roger Grant
Tom Gunkel
Jerry Hajjar
Ronald Hamburger
James Harris
Erleen Hatfield
Neil Hawkins
Chris Hermreck
Gary Higbee
Mark Hildebrand
John Hooper
Tara Hutchinson


Steve Hutsell
Will Ikerd
Peter Irwin
Shebtai Isaac
Matt Jones
Steve Jones
Amit Kanvinde
Dominic Kelly
Henry Kelly
Earle Kennett
Ryan Kersting
Dirk Kestner
Ron Klemencic
Bill Klorman
Ed Knowles
Kristijan Kolozvari
Mark Konchar
Cary Kopcyznski
Walt Korkosz
Mike Kreger
Larry Kruth
Richard Kunnath
Gino Kurama Mark Lafferty
Kevin LaMalva
Michael LaNier
Robert Leicht
Andres Lepage
Jason Lien
Laura Lowes
Gunnar Lucko
Kim Lum
Patrick Macleamy
Ward Malisch
Jim Malley
Bonnie Manley
Terry McAllister
David McDonald
Kurt McMullin
John McTyre
John Messner
Colin Millberg
Jack Moehle
Keith Molenaar
George Morcous
Mike Mota
Javid Munshi
Laura Osburn
Jordan Palmeri
Gustavo Parra-Montesinos
Conrad Paulson
Mark Perniconi
Steve Pessiki
Kyle Pickett
Chris Reseigh
Jose Restrepo
Bob Risser


Chris Rojahn
Mark Rolfs
James Rowings
Jeffrey Russell
Rafael Sabelli
Tom Sabol Rafael Sacks
Hisham Said
Joe Sanders
Victor Sanvido
Mark Sarkisian
Mark Saunders
Richard Sause
Tom Schlafly
Michael Schneider
Don Scott
Susan See
Bahram Shahrooz
Kathrina Simonen
Ronald Skaggs
Stacey Smedley
Deke Smith
Douglas Sordyl
Boza Stojadinovic
John Sui
Bruce Suprenant
Maher Tadros
Andrew Taylor
Robert Tener
David Thorman
Charles Thornton
Peter Timler
Eldon Tipping
Stephen Tipping
Hans Van Winkle
Amit Varma
Tom Verti
John Wallace
Kelly Wallace
Lisa Washington
Mark Webster
David Wilson
William Worthen
Loring Wyllie