Announcing a New Research Product: High-Strength Steel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Walls

The Charles Pankow Foundation is pleased to announce a new research product resulting from a project sponsored by the Charles Pankow Foundation.

RGA #06-14; High-Strength Steel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Walls: Influence of Mechanical Properties of Steel on Deformation Capacity

  • The University of Kansas

  • PI: Andres, LePage, Professor

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High-Strength Steel Bars in Reinforced Concrete Walls: Influence of Steel Mechanical Properties on Deformation Capacity


Mohammad Sajedul Huq, Alexander S. Weber-Kamin, Shahedreen Ameen, Rémy D. Lequesne, Andrés Lepage, Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering, The University of Kansas

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This research project is a result of the ATC 115 Project, Development of a Roadmap on Use of High-Strength Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Design (RGA#05-13). This research project along with ongoing research projects at UC-Berkeley related to beams (RGA#04-14), UT-Austin related to columns (RGA#05-14) will determine, through rigorous laboratory testing, the required tensile and performance properties for high strength steel reinforcing bar.

The Charles Pankow Foundation wishes to acknowledge the contributions to this research project from the American Concrete Institute Foundation (ACIF) and the staff and members of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI). In-kind support was provided by Commercial Metals Company, Harris Rebar, Midwest Concrete Materials and Nucor Corporation.
Grateful acknowledgment is made to the Industry Champions, David Fields (principal of MKA, Seattle) and Ramón Gilsanz (partner of GMS, New York), and Advisory Panel, Dominic Kelly (principal of SGH, Boston) and Conrad Paulson (principal of WJE, Los Angeles)