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Our Impact

One of the ACI Building Code Committee’s main goals for this code cycle is adoption of high-strength reinforcement. High-strength steel has different behavior characteristics that can only be explored and resolved through research. Charles Pankow Foundation has provided leadership and funding to get the research done. The cooperative effort between the Building Code Committee and Pankow Foundation will lead to safer, more efficient, and better-performing buildings.

Jack Moehle, PhD, PE, Chair of ACI 318 and Professor of Structural Engineering, UC Berkeley

We want to build great buildings that allow excellent work environments. Performance-based design has allowed us to develop logical, safe, effective designs not riddled with unnecessary excess because of somewhat unrelated building code requirements. If we were forced to follow prescriptive building codes alone, some buildings might not be built at all, and that would be unfortunate.

Paul Paradis, Senior Managing Director of Hines

Clark Construction is delighted to participate in ground-breaking research that supports the incorporation of high-strength reinforcing steel in the ACI Code and into practice. It’s a great opportunity to help significantly improve quality, cost, and schedule all at the same time.

David Wilson, Vice President, Clark Construction Group

Charles Pankow Foundation assembled and guided a great team, including experts at Georgia Tech, to identify needs and shortcomings of modeling masonry in a BIM environment. BIM-M is a huge advancement for masonry.

Jamie Davis, PE, LEED AP, President, Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis

Innovation is top-of-mind at ASCE. We’re challenging all civil engineers to develop and apply innovative, state-of-the-art practices and technologies. Charles Pankow Foundation is an industry leader in innovative research that leads directly into practice.

Tom Smith, ENV SP, CAE, F.ASCE, Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers

The design and construction industry is vital to our economy, yet our efficiency and productivity hasn’t improved like other industries. Innovation has to drive those improvements. The only way we can innovate is through research to validate our ideas.

Lisa Washington, Executive Director/CEO, Design-Build Institute of America

If you want different outcomes, you have to do things differently. The Integrated Project Delivery: An Action Guide for Leaders,” is a great roadmap to drive down costs, meet or exceed schedule, and maintain or improve quality and jobsite safety.

James Pease, Regional Manager for Project Delivery of Sutter Health

Our number one criteria for funding research is IMPACT.

The Charles Pankow Foundation tackles core issues that drive innovation, increase construction productivity, improve safety, and reduce costs. We support projects that provide practical and immediate benefits to design and construction teams.

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